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Eclipsed by a Lifeboat

A lovely evening spent photographing the moon this week. Decided to go to Meadfoot (Torquay) with the aim of capturing the moon rise over Thatcher Rock. The added interest was that there was a partial Lunar Eclipse scheduled for that evening.

We waited for the moon to rise from the horizon . It emerged from a line of mist, at first very indistinct, but clearly already into the eclipse phase and very red.

Positioning with Thatcher Rock was not as good as I had hoped however another intervention resulted in the image above. We had seen the Torbay Lifeboat motoring across the bay and disappearing from view in the direction of Hopes Nose. After a short period of time the Lifeboat reappeared motoring towards Torquay and towing a ski boat.

Passing beneath the moon provided us with a great photo opportunity if a little dark by this time.

Other shots of the Eclipse can be seen in the new “Wonder” gallery.

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